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Japanese garden bridge


Japanese Bridge With Wood Decking Walkway Price List

 Galvanized and powder coated metal bridge with Scandinavian Redwood decking walkway. Personal delivery and installation additional dependent on customer’s postcode

6 ft

8 ft

10 ft

12 ft

£ 983

£ 1194

£ 1465

£ 1710


The Japanese garden bridge is  the second most popular  design in my range of bridges. Whilst red is  favoured as the traditional colour of an oriental bridge, other colours look great as the photo above illustrates. The finials on the handrail and intermediary short uprights are the distinguishing features of this design of bridge. Complementary Japanese maple planting looks stunning in a Japanese garden bridge setting.


The bridge above at Bridport is a special Japanese hybrid without finials on the handrail. It is based on a 6ft bridge but has an extension at one end which is lower than the end abutting the lawn.The powder coating is grey to match the railway stock and station infrastructure.

The 8ft bridge above at Welwyn, is only 18 ins high. I can amend dimensions to suit customer requirements

This owner of this 12 ft  bridge near Norwich has put a dye into the concrete which form the plinths. The effect created is of the bridge sitting on slate plinths.


10 ft Japanese bridge in Edinburgh

Japanese_bridge_at_Heskin.jpg Japanese_garden_bridges_at_Rufford.jpg

My customers from Heskin in Lancashire bought the 8ft Japanese bridge pictured right. 2 or 3 years later they moved to nearby Rufford and ordered 2 more 8 ft bridges pictured lower right.



Behind the photo left of actress Amy Burrows dressed as Jane Austen’s last heroine on one of my Japanese bridges, lies a fascinating story.

My customer Chris Brindle who owns the pictured bridge was writing a book about the life of his great, great, great grandfather who was an artist. One  portrait he had painted was of Anna Lefroy, the niece of Jane Austen.

Anna was close to Jane, as they had lived together for some time. When Jane died she left behind the manuscript of part of an unfinished novel called Sanditon. Anna , because of the affection she had for her aunt, endeavoured to complete the novel. Sadly she too passed away before she was able to finish the work. Chris was able to acquire the 2 fragments of the novel (Jane and Anna’s ) one from America, and has now written his own ending to it.

Chris has now made a stageplay of Sanditon and filmed a documentary about Anna Lefroy’s lifetime’s ambition to complete Jane’s novel. . To read more about this fascinating story, please visit

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Japanese Bridge With Composite Decking Walkway Price List

 Galvanized and powder coated metal bridge with composite decking walkway. Personal delivery and installation additional dependent on customer’s postcode

6 ft

8 ft

10 ft

12 ft

£ 1112

£ 1405

£ 1694

£ 1986

Please note that the walkway made of

wooden decking will have a probable life expectancy of 7 to 10 years.

The composite decking walkway has a 25 year warranty. The bridges with a composite decking walkway are 34 ins wide and have additional  metalwork to support the composite decking centrally. Composite decking has anti-slip properties.

Japanese_bridge_at_ Norwich.jpg

  Montgomery Garden Bridges UK

The Japanese garden bridge is ideal in an oriental garden design setting. Whilst traditional red is favoured for an oriental bridge, other colours look great.