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What is galvanising ?

There are two types of galvanising electro plating and hot dip galvanizing. My bridges are hot dipped galvanized which is the superior process. After taking the bridge to the Shropshire Galvanizers plant at Oswestry the bridge is pickled in acid to eradicate any rust. It is then immersed in water to wash off the acid. After the washing the bridge is stored in a dryer until it is safe to dip in the bath of molten zinc to effect the galvanizing process.

Why galvanize ?

Hot dip galvanizing significantly prolongs the life of mild steel. Hot dip galvanizing is simple and effective. Unlike paint systems, the galvanizing process actually bonds the zinc with the steel to form a coating which is very durable.


Zinc is a naturally occurring and recyclable substance which is not harmful to us ( our bodies actually need a small amount of zinc to live healthily) and help steel to last a very long time. 40% of zinc used in the galvanizing process is recycled.

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This is a banner which Shropshire Galvanizers uses on their display stand at shows. It features one of my Japanese design bridges which Shropshire Galvanizers have galvanized and powder coated in ultramarine blue.

Please click on the banner picture above to redirect to Shropshire Galvanizers website to read more about galvanizing.


  Montgomery Garden Bridges UK Galvanising

I build galvanized and powder coated metal garden bridges. I  offer designs from minimalist to ornate including Monet and Japanese designs.